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The San Diego Fitness Trainers are ready when you are, Amped to Get You Fit on your schedule. A dedicated, high-energy Certified Personal Trainer will maximize your results like nothing else. From basic Toning to Weight Loss Training, Cross Training and Advanced Sports Performance Training - we have what you need.

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What Is A Fitness Trainer?

An exercise professional who is trained and certified to provide safe and effective exercise programs aimed at weight loss, improving strength and flexibility, toning, cardiovascular conditioning, event preparation or any other fitness goal. - Learn Why Personal Training Works!

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Trainer - Owner Jonathan Uphoff

Jonathan Uphoff has been in the fitness industry for over 14 years. He's currently both the Fitness Director at San Diego Fitness, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. During his tenure as a fitness specialist and nutritional consultant, he has acquired an extensive background in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition. Prior to relocating to San Diego, Jonathan was the Director of Athletics for multiple fitness facilities in Texas and created his own corporate wellness practice. Additionally, Jonathan was the co-star in his own fitness DVD and has been a featured trainer in several publications.
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Trainer Carly Harris

Carly Harris is a highly motivated, passionate and knowledgeable Certified Fitness Specialist with 13 years of industry experience in designing and monitoring exercise programs based on various client needs, goals and abilities. For the past 6 years she has been running a personal training business, providing training to various clients of all ages in core competencies such as Exercise/Conditioning, Health/Wellness, Nutritional Planning, Fitness Development, Individual Assessment and Planning, Group Training, Strength/Flexibility Training and In-Home Workouts.
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Trainer Travis Armbruster

Travis Armbruster learned the importance of health at a young age, growing up in an agricultural environment with asthma and allergies it took constant action to keep on top of his health. This lead to healthy habits which ultimately became a passion and a career in fitness.
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Trainer Jon Pietrunti

Jon has been involved in the world of fitness and nutrition since receiving his first set of free-weights at the age of 14. An avid reader and natural researcher, he began immediately training and tinkering with numerous variables, particularly diet. These efforts quickly transformed him from a chubby youngster to a lean distance runner, providing the catalyst to fuel a fitness passion that has spanned nearly two decades.
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Trainer Jason Frederick

I have been a certified personal trainer for the past 7 years. I originally was certified through AFAA and then later became certified through PICP (Charles Poliquin's organization). I worked at a local corporate gym the first year and a half of my personal training career until I decided the corporate gym business world wasn't for me.
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Trainer Samantha Le Master

Samantha has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 6 years and has had great success transforming people's lives through personal training. She started her own fitness journey in 2009 when she set out to do her very first pull-up. After 3 diligent months of practice, strength training, and frustration, she finally succeeded and has since made a point to always have a specific goal to work toward.
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Trainer Cynthia Hunter

San Diego Fitness trainer Cynthia Hunter has published over 50 health and fitness articles for, PT on the Net, and other industry sites. With well over a decade of personal training experience and an impressive history of loyal clientele who have experienced life-changing results you are in the right hands!
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Trainer Andrea King

As a nutrition and holistic lifestyle coach, certified personal trainer Andrea King has a track record of success in helping San Diego clients of all ages and fitness levels achieve their goals. Her objective is to establish life balance through practical nutrition guidance and a realistic approach to strength training and personal health.
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Trainer Keith Rascoe

My name is Keith Rascoe, and I am a former competitor in NPC Bodybuilding My travels in life and the company that I have chosen to keep have been a big part of my choice to live healthy. It's been an extremely rewarding journey that I'm still holding on to with both hands and looking forward to more loops and turns and I continue on.
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Trainer Chris Groves

Chris has been a fitness fanatic since high school. He attended the University Of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Exercise and Fitness Kinesiology. He currently holds certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer and through the National Council of Sports and Fitness as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, and he is also CPR and First Aid Certified.
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