San Diego Fitness Trainer Steven Beasley

Steven Beasley

Growing up, athletics didn’t play a large pivotal role in Steven’s life. It wasn’t until 2006, while attending Michigan State University, when he passed the Personal Training exam. He initially saw Personal Training as a job to get him through college, but he quickly realized his natural talent for this line of work, as well as his passion for holistic health. After graduation, he moved to San Diego in 2008 to become a full time Personal Trainer, where he could be surrounded by readily available organic produce, weather to support an active lifestyle, and health conscious locals.

In addition to his knowledge in Exercise Science, Steven has gained multiple certifications in various exercise methods and attended countless workshops on trigger-point/myofascial release technique, corrective exercise, and sport/weight loss nutrition. Steven considers two types of clients to be his specialty: weight loss and corrective exercise. With weight loss clients, nutrition education and monitoring food intake is vital to their success. One of Steven’s most successful weight loss clients lost over 70 pounds! His clients who complain of joint or muscular discomfort see benefit from seeing Steven for myofascial release techniques, mobility drills, and corrective exercises. It’s not uncommon for his clients to have had ACL repair, ruptured discs, rotator cuff tears, and hip replacement surgery. Steven’s goal with these clients is not just to further assist their rehabilitation process, but to continue their journey beyond rehab. He is skilled at prescribing exercise programs to prevent re-injury, while giving them the physiological benefit of exercise.

Steven’s extensive exercise library ranges from weight training exercises to progressive functional based movement. He believes in the physical and mental importance of exercise variety. Across the board, his clients enjoy how different every workout is, which also makes exercise fun. When creating his workout programs, Steven is inspired by various forms of his own daily movement, such as yoga, aerial arts, swimming, and even a simple breath. Core activation, metabolic exercises, and mobility are fundamental pillars in Steven’s fitness programs. Movement is medicine!

“A previous mentor of mine told me my biggest strength was my laser eye focus. Whether it is carefully watching my client’s form during a session, or my relentless dedication to my clients, I am always there for them. I believe everyone needs a coach to motivate us, to take us to the next level, and that goes for myself- I always have a coach/mentor working with me as well. I want to bring my clients to 110% of their capabilities.”

Steven’s certifications include ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist, LEANPower! Sport Nutrition Coach, Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains, and TRX Suspension/Rip Training Certifications.