San Diego Fitness Trainer Tristan Aquilina

Tristan Aquilina

Momentum, moving forward, and always growing. That is what drives Tristan to be the best, and grind day in and day out! Tristan is a Body Transformation Expert. She was born and raised in Northern California and has been living in San Diego now for 3 years now. She has grown her training business ever since, and has top certifications with NCSF, NESTA, and is also certified in group class trainings, core and abdominal training, and BLS.

Her love for health and fitness goes beyond the average person and her passion for helping others become fit and healthy has been growing every day for the past 5 years. She looks to over achieve, work hard, motivate, and dedicates time, effort, and energy into the things she loves and the people that want it! Tristan is on a mission to help you get strong, confident, and fit!