San Diego Fitness Trainer Wes Lauer

Wes Lauer
Studio Director

Wes has been in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years and is the Studio Director of San Diego Fitness. His success is a representation of the extensive results he has achieved with his clientele, which stem from his unique knowledge, motivation, and accountability methods. This has allowed him to attain various accomplishments and accolades within the fitness industry. Amongst these, Wes has been a General Manager and “Trainer of Trainers” for some of the top corporate gyms in San Diego. He’s founded his own open-membership gym in Southern California, and is also the Founder of Dedication Fitness; an online personal training business that assists those that he cannot reach in-person.

Wes’s personal training programs focus on much more than just the basics. Prioritizing a positive and healthy mindset, advanced accountability systems, and multiple communication platforms to promote motivation, all allow Wes to expedite the “results process” with his clients. His extensive knowledge of nutrition, exercise methodologies, and mobility and flexibility techniques, are derived from years of various training modalities such as one-on-one PT, semi-private sessions, bootcamps, and more. Wes has trained individuals between the ages of 9-93 and has experience with a plethora of special populations.

Currently, Wes trains with a focus on one-on-one personal training for those committed individuals looking to reduce body fat, gain lean muscle mass, and improve their overall health both inside and out.

Wes is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through ACE (American Council on Exercise). He is also NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified as well as TRX certified. Wes holds a B.S. from the University of Maryland.