Cross Training brings strong fitness performance results quickly. Originally developed by professional trainers for use in law enforcement and the military, now there are even versions of cross training workouts for kids! Considered by top certified trainers as the fastest way to become your personal best, Cross Training is amping up workouts from San Diego to Sydney. The San Diego Fitness certified, expert Cross Trainers will first assess your current fitness ability level and start building you up from there. We are here to help you get amazing results from your workouts, whether you're a beginner or a hardbody!


  • Get more out of your workouts
  • Spend less time on the same old, routine exercises
  • Get the toned body that only Cross Training can bring
  • Build up your endurance and strength
  • Become more flexible and limber
  • Get a fitness plan that really works for you

Come and get your Cross Training plan today and we'll help you work to be the ultimate you! Cross Training is a combination of strength, flexibility, toning and aerobic exercises. These include basic lifting exercises; gymnastics exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, rope climb, handstands and flips; and aerobics exercises like running, biking and swimming. Do everything fast and hard! Mix them up, doing several different CrossTraining exercises each day for the recommended 5-6 days a week. Attack each training session with intensity! We have everything you need for Cross Training at San Diego Fitness!