High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a heart-healthy fitness technique that once again tops the predicted list of Fitness Trends for 2018. Industry expert Shannon Fable is on the board of directors at the American Council of Exercise (A.C.E. is based in San Diego), and also works at the Anytime Fitness franchise. She reports seeing "twice the results in half the time" using the new revolutionary HIIT approach to short-burst exercise.

An HIIT exercise routine switches between focused bursts of activity and fixed sections of less-intense activity, or sometimes even complete rest. There are a number of different approaches to interval training, and many unique fitness routines that can help you master this highly-effective workout technique. San Diego Fitness Trainers can help you do it safely.


Aside from HIIT's proven fast results, it also has other benefits. HIIT needs close to no preparation and there is no specific equipment needed. With the tight and restrictive schedules we all live and work with daily, there's not much time to set up equipment and prepare a workout area. Although using a jump-rope or a bike can be helpful to boost your workout, they are by no means necessary to effectively perform HIIT.

A recent medical study showed that HIIT can increase skeletal muscle oxidative capacity and endurance performance, and can improve metabolic control during exercise. Use of HIIT also stimulates your HGH (human growth hormones) by as much as 450%, which is great because HGH burns calories and slows the aging process. So when you're doing an HIIT workout, you actually feel and look younger.

With both scientific studies and fitness experts agreeing on the effectiveness of HIIT, you really only need to ask, "How do I start?" Thankfully HIIT is relatively simple to integrate into your current workout.

You should start with about one to two HIIT sessions a week, doing whatever it is you like to do (biking, canoeing, running) only with the HIIT technique. We always recommend consulting a certified professional for help, like a San Diego Fitness Trainer. Most people do not start with more than one or two HIIT workouts each week because their bodies must adjust to the new, increased workload. Once you have the hang of it, you can add a bit more to your schedule and then eventually add more challenges, such as upping your speed or shortening your rest period.