San Diego Fitness offers top-notch Online Personal Training for those looking for routine, structure, and accountability. Online training is available worldwide, and is a flexible and affordable way to reach your health and fitness goals without stepping foot into our studio, or any gym related environment for that matter. Our software offers fully individualized plans for all fitness levels. 

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guidance and motivation

Our customized workouts include videos and descriptions that will make sure you are performing each exercise safely, and effectively. Keep track of your reps, weight, and personal bests with our exclusive software! 


Fully customized workouts

Fully customized workouts created by your Online Personal Trainer. No cookie-cutter programs, all of your workouts are individualized for YOU. Whether you have access to a full scale gym, a sunny park, or anything in between, we have the capability of making great workouts for you and your needs.


detailed progress reporting

Detailed statistics keep you motivated, engaged, and up to date with all of your progress. Progress pictures, as well as body composition stats are just some of the advanced tools included.


tecnology integration

Fitness technology integrates seamlessly into our programs. Keep track of exercise metrics to pinpoint successes and areas of opportunity.

constant accountability

24/7/365 Communication with your Trainer. Never be left in the dark with any aspect of your training! All programs also include scheduled ACCOUNTABILITY CALLS to keep you motivated and on track.


interactive calendar

Detailed workout calendars give you an overview of your monthly routine. Resistance training, cardiovascular activity, and nutritional statistics give  both you, and your trainer an overview of how you're doing on a daily and weekly basis.                            


in-depth nutrional guidance

Optional advanced meal planning provides a whole new level of consistency and guidance. All of our programs contain nutritional guidance and supervision using MyFitnessPal.


additional resources

Our online programs include other great resources such as various ebooks and references to help assist you in your fitness quest.

Watch the Video Below For A Preview of How Online Training Works!