Personal Training

San Diego Fitness' Elite Personal Trainers offer one-on-one Personal Training in both 30-Minute and 60-Minute Sessions. Fully customized programs include nutritional guidance, resistance training protocols, cardiovascular programming, flexibility/stability training, and more. Our personal assistance provides the motivation, knowledge, and accountability you need to reach your individual health and fitness goals.

Partner training

Have a friend or loved one who wants to join in on the fun? San Diego Fitness offers semi-private sessions for two to three individuals with similar fitness levels and goals.

small group training

Looking for some friendly competition in a more intimate group setting? We have you covered with group based classes. Classes vary from strength training based to cardiovascular focused. Visit our Group Training Calendar for specific dates and times.

Online training

San Diego Fitness offers top-notch Online Personal Training for those looking for routine, structure, and accountability. Online training is available worldwide, and is a flexible and affordable way to reach your health and fitness goals without stepping foot into our studio, or any gym related environment for that matter. Our software offers fully individualized plans for all fitness levels.

Styku Body Scanner

San Diego Fitness is home to the cutting-edge technology of the Styku 3D Body Scanner. Exclusive to very few locations throughout Southern California, the Styku Scanner is able to scan an individual's body shape and composition in seconds. Clients are then able to set targets and track progress to achieve individual fitness, nutritional, and fat loss goals. A full 20+ page report is included with every scan, which includes body composition, circumfrance measurements, postural analysis, health & fitness metrics, and more.

nutrition Coaching

You need to eat healthy to get healthy. We provide the guidance to help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals, working on your metabolism and your eating habits through a structured, online course. Provided through Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Mark Rago.

Kettle bell kitchen meal preparation

San Diego Fitness is a proud partner of Kettle Bell Kitchen, one of the nation’s largest Meal Prep companies. With high-quality nutrition and ingredients, a diverse and delicious menu, and complete customization based of your diet and goals, KBK is the answer for you if you’re looking for convenient time-saving meals.

Weight loss training

The Science of Nutrition in Training and Weight Loss comes down to key processes and your body's metabolic rate. San Diego Fitness trainers can help you find your body's fat-storing and fat-burning rates, so you can have your ideal fitness balance.

sports performance training

If you are an athlete, sports enthusiast, or just want to up your game, we offer sports performance training. We will target a set group of muscles to improve your ability to train and play your sport.

h.i.i.t. workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training is hugely effective, praised by fitness experts, and is again on the list of Hottest Predicted Fitness Trends for 2019. "Twice the results in half the time" - A.C.E. Board Member

Cross Training

"Cross Training" was originally created by Professional Fitness Trainers for use with the military and law enforcement, but today there are cross workouts for all fitness levels. Top Certified Trainers know that Cross Training is the fastest way to the Best You.

Massage therapy

San Diego Fitness is the proud location and partner of Samantha Hu, LMT. Samantha specializes in reflexology, injury rehab & recovery, prenatal & postpartum massage, and a multitude of other bodywork services. For inquiries please visit our location, or reach her via telephone at 619-693-6003 to book an appointment.

Freedom & form yoga studio

San Diego Fitness is the proud location of "Freedom and Form Yoga". Freedom and Form Yoga offers classes for yoga and pilates, seminars, workshops and more. For more information, please inquire below.

United Studios of self defense

San Diego Fitness is the proud location of “United Studios of Self Defense”. They offer superior personalized martial arts training for men, women, and children of all ages. All levels are welcome to participate in their group and private training. For more information, click on the image to visit their website.

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