Sports Performance Training was once used only to train Olympians or professional athletes, but no more. San Diegans who live both professional sports and recreational sports count on the Certified Trainers at the San Diego Fitness Studio.

They Get Personalized, Hard-Core Sports Performance Training. The trainers maximize your potential on and off the field. You'll train focusing on your specific strengths and weaknesses, and get a diverse, complete exercise routine that kicks your workout and your ass up to your Best Performance. This optimum performance training pushes you past your limits, but is safe and designed specifically for you.

The SD Fitness Trainers effectively use this Intensive Sports Performance Training to push you to:

  • Kick Farther
  • Hit Harder
  • Push Stronger
  • Feel Better
  • Last Longer
  • Recover Faster


With sports performance training it is possible to meet your sports challenges, beat your personal records, and bring that perfect game you know you can. Our trainers will design a custom workout towards your sports goals. Practice does make perfect - And by incorporating sports performance training in your life, you can make your personal fitness goals a reality.